What I Read Wednesday – Unbreakable by Rebecca Shea


Another free book from the iBook store.

Gabe Garcia and Jessica Harper have always loved each other. With her mother dead and her father absent and working overtime, the Garcias raised her as their own.

As soon as Gabe and Jessica confess their feelings, they are inseparable. They spend every moment together and make plans for the future, until tragedy tears them apart.

Jessica pushes Gabe away and takes off to an internship across the country where she meets Lindsay and her brother Landon. Landon doesn’t do love but something about Jessica draws him. It’s a much needed change for Jessica but she can’t help feeling something is missing.

As Jessica says, every girl needs a tattooed bad boy to teach her to really live. Landon fills that requirement, but everyone including the readers know who her heart really belongs to.

This book was pretty typical and predictable for the genre, but it still brought originality and sweetness. You will quickly fall in love with Gabe and everything he does for Jessica, even when he feels it’s hopeless.

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