Thursday Thoughts – April 16

There’s really not much going on right now besides work. Doing freelance work, I always go through cycles of having no work and then having two or three projects at once.

This week:

  • Edited a short romance novel
  • Wrote an article on lemon water
  • Looked at a recipe book to see if the recipes fit the Whole 30 diet and now I have to edit the ones that didn’t
  • Started editing a novel about shapeshifting cat people
  • Need to edit a short article on probiotics

Looking at that list makes me feel exhausted. But it’s really not that terrible, it’s a much less stressful job than retail and I get to do what I love, write and edit. Plus I get to stay at home, saving money on gas and I don’t have to get all dressed up every day. It has its cons of course, no steady paycheck and I have to deal with paying self-employment taxes, but I really enjoy it.

Today I have to make my grocery list and meal plan and tomorrow I do laundry. But I’ll have some interesting things to talk about soon.

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