Tasty Tuesday – Green Pepper Casserole

This recipe is very similar to the Creamy Ground Chicken Casserole I posted two weeks ago. It has minimal ingredients but a ton of flavor. I gathered my ingredients: ground turkey, one green bell pepper, one can of diced tomatoes, one can of tomato sauce and some brown rice. The store was out of my usual rice so I had to settle for Minute.

First I made rice, about a cup uncooked. I probably should have made more. Then I browned the ground turkey in my oven-safe skillet while I chopped up the pepper.

Once the turkey was browned, I mixed in all of the other ingredients. Then cheese went on top (the recipe calls for cheddar but I used mozzarella because we keep a 5 lb bag on hand) and I covered it with foil. Into the oven it went for thirty minutes.

I forgot to get a picture before it got dished up so here are my lovely plating skills. Easy, nutritious and delicious, just how I like my dinners.

Full recipe can be found here.

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