Thursday Thoughts – April 9

I have quite a few things on my mind today. Stuff like:

I have big personal news I’m dying to share with everyone but I’m waiting until it’s official.

Can someone eat too many oranges?

I’d really love if my nose stopped turning into a waterfall any time I slightly tilt my head down. Sorry, TMI?

Why is seafood so expensive? I really want to try cooking it but I’m afraid to buy it and mess it up.

It’s April, why is it snowing outside?

Zicam is always my go-to cold medicine but I just figured out that it’s homeopathic (says so right on the bottle, I’m so observant). Now it doesn’t seem to be working as well, is it a placebo effect?

I’m so behind on writing my Camp NaNo project. Writer’s block sucks.

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