Tasty Tuesday – Brussels Sprouts, Turkey Sausage and Rice

I’ve never eaten fresh Brussels sprouts before.

I saw they were on sale this week and I always like to expand the vegetables I eat, so I decided to try this recipe I found on Pinterest. It seemed relatively easy even though there were quite a few steps.

First, I chopped and roasted the Brussels sprouts. That was quite an experience and I probably lost half of them to the scrap pile because I had no idea how much to take off when trimming.

While they roasted, I put the rice on then chopped the turkey sausage and browned it in my skillet. When the rice was almost done, I added diced tomatoes and the sausage but decided to throw it all into my big skillet to finish up. I added the Brussels sprouts and dinner was ready.

Go here for the full recipe that uses quinoa instead of rice.

Overall I liked it but it wasn’t my favorite. If I try Brussels sprouts again, I’ll definitely try a different recipe. Do you have any favorite sprouts recipes?

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