Menu Monday – April 6

I don’t have anything to muse about today, besides the fact that I’m sick (thanks, boyfriend) so I thought I’d introduce a new Monday feature, Menu Monday, where I’ll share what I’m cooking for the week and links to all of the recipes, along with my notes if I’ve made it before.

My goals for my meal plan for this week were to cut down on dairy and eat more vegetables. And eat less chicken because I’m getting so bored of it. While I assign recipes to certain days, I rarely follow the meal plan so exactly, and pick and choose what sounds good for the day.

I start cooking on Sunday night so the boyfriend has something to take to work for lunch. Last night I made Garlic Shrimp Tortellini Toss. I liked that it had very few ingredients and was very easy to make. I don’t buy shrimp often because they’re expensive but I always grab some when they’re on sale at around $6 for a pound. The flavor was pretty bland and it was a bit dry. If I make it again, I think I’ll cook the shrimp in butter instead of olive oil.

Recipes I’m making for the rest of the week:

  • Low Fat Turkey Sausage and Brown Rice – I need to make some more homemade chicken stock to cook this. I also am using ground chicken instead of turkey because they were out at the store.
  • Quinoa with Sausage and Brussels Sprouts – I’ll be using brown rice instead of quinoa this time (and yes, spell check, quinoa is a real word) because it’s a bit expensive and harder to find around me. I’ve never cooked fresh Brussels sprouts before so that should be interesting.
  • Garlic Butter Asparagus Pasta – I don’t have high hopes for this one. Every time I make pasta with some kind of homemade sauce, my sauce is thin and not very tasty. But it only calls for two tablespoons of milk so maybe it won’t be too runny.
  • Veggie Tofu Stir Fry – I have made this one before, it was my very first stir fry. This time I won’t be using tofu, I’ll use some leftover chicken breast in my freezer.

Our grocery run for all of these dinners, minus other stuff we stocked up on and what I already had on hand, was about $35. Not too bad.

I don’t plan dinners for Friday and Saturday to save a little money and so we get a chance to eat some leftovers that didn’t get eaten during the week. Usually I’ll make a homemade pizza or we’ll eat some turkey burgers and homemade french fries.

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