Thursday Thoughts – April 2

It’s already April! Lots of things going on and lots of things on my mind.

It’s Thursday, so I’m making my grocery list and meal plan. I’m getting some lactose-free milk to see if maybe I can stop feeling so terrible pretty much every day. If not, I guess I’ll have to cut out all dairy and see if I’ll feel better then. Then wheat is next on my list to try. Anyone have experience with elimination diets like this?

I started writing for Camp NaNoWriMo and hopefully I can keep up a good pace. I only did around 700 words yesterday.

The boyfriend has been home sick so my schedule has been a bit thrown off. Yesterday was beautiful outside so I walked to the store for him. I wish it would warm up for real, the breeze felt like ice still.

His sister is having a baby (actually twins!) soon and I’ve been put in charge of making baby shower invitations. Hope they like what I’ve come up with.

I hate my phone. I got the cheapest one the last time I upgraded and it runs out of space so easily to the point I can’t even update my apps. But of course I can’t get rid of all the apps I don’t use because they came with the phone. Not everyone needs NFL Mobile, people.

Also, I would really love to thank my followers for making me feel so welcome here! I’ve had this blog less than a month and already I have 32 followers. That’s insane and I am so grateful for everyone who thinks my blog is good enough to follow. I’ll try to keep the content coming and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a message about it! Thank you!

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