Tasty Tuesday – Creamy Ground Chicken Casserole

You ever look at a recipe and think “I like all of these ingredients, but how are they going to taste together?” That’s how I find most of my recipes on Pinterest. When I found the original, it was intriguing but also sounded like a great comfort food dish.

I’m always looking for meals to add to my rotation. It results in a lot of dinners being duds or just okay, but sometimes I stumble upon a great dish that we don’t mind eating more than once.

 photo b53ca6ef5b5d702a70a699ae1c2061e6_zpsqmjmbk0k.jpg

I gathered my (main) ingredients: Ground chicken since I don’t eat beef, some homemade chicken stock, some brown rice, tomato sauce, sour cream and frozen peas. Not pictured: 5 lb bag of shredded Mozzarella cheese from Costco.

First I put the rice on to cook (tip: start the rice way earlier. You end up waiting a bit because the rest is so quick). It calls for one cup of cooked rice, but I usually cook a cup of uncooked rice and add however much it turns out to be. It probably changes the consistency a bit, but it’s great either way. Then I browned the ground chicken with some minced garlic.

Once the chicken was browned, I added in everything else in the picture except the sour cream, plus some cheese. Then I popped it in the oven for fifteen minutes because I cooked it in my amazing, oven-safe Cuisinart skillet I got for Christmas.

After fifteen minutes, I mixed the sour cream with more cheese and spread it out on top. Fifteen more minutes in the oven and dinner is served. Delicious.
 photo 5c3a63bac09f1b4c277df4683b442b76_zps7pjj5h69.jpg

Go here for the full recipe as I can’t take credit for anything but my substitutions. Bon appetit!

15 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Creamy Ground Chicken Casserole

      1. I haven’t attempted to make any kind of soup yet. Something about it seems intimidating to me even though it’s probably easy. I’m not the biggest fan of soup to begin with though.


  1. Looks tasty! I’ve pinned quite a few recipes from pinterest and don’t always find they’re good when I’ve made them…I prefer to make my own! This one looks good! Thanks for sharing..


      1. You might like some of my sister Heidi’s and I’s recipes.. Check out our new blog… fabulousfaresisters.com We started it in March and post something new everyday! 🙂


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