Monday Musing – Book Excerpt

Today I thought I would share the current opening passage from the book I’ll be working on for Camp NaNoWriMo next month. For camp, I’ll be rewriting an older book I wrote years ago, currently titled Faithfully. The title is definitely a work in progress.

My synopsis: Katherine Rawlings has always tried to be who her mother wants her to be, down to living the dream her mother chose for her. When Shane, resident bad boy, takes an interest in her and dubs her Kat, she wants to know who Kat is and if it’s not too late to become her. As she searches for herself, she’s also curious about the missing piece in her life, her absent father.

It all started with a yearbook. Well, officially it started about eighteen years ago, when my dad walked out on my mom. She doesn’t like to talk about it. In fact, in seventeen years, that’s as much as I’ve gotten out of her. “When I told your father I was pregnant with you, he walked out on me and I haven’t heard from him since.”
On my sixteenth birthday, she gave me a small round locket that when opened, E.R. was engraved on one side and R.J. on the other. “That was the only thing he ever gave me, as his daughter I suppose it should be yours.” E.R. was obvious. Elizabeth Rawlings, my mother, lawyer extraordinaire. She was tall, thin, with light blonde hair and hazel eyes. Her eyes are the only thing I inherited.
I look like my father, I can tell. The mysterious R.J. I’m almost as tall as my mother, but with more curves where she’s willowy. I have dark, curly auburn hair that I know didn’t come from her side. I see the bitterness in her eyes whenever she looks straight at me.
It’s not that I was unhappy, just the two of us. Mom is good at what she does and made sure I wanted for nothing when it came to material things. She also had super expectations for the behavior of her only daughter. She expected me to go to law school like she did. She expected me to get an A in every single class, on every test, assignment and paper. If I didn’t, she took my car away. Considering that’s what started everything, well, that comes along a little later.

This rewritten version is going to have a lot more character conflict, and I’m going to let bad things happen to my characters and let them make bad decisions. It’s something I’ve been trying to work on.

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