Thursday Thoughts – March 26

Haven’t thought of a better theme for Thursdays yet, so I guess we’ll keep this one for now.

It’s finally warming up outside and I’m looking forward to everything that comes after winter: Not wearing my coat, not freezing, being able to go to Boston again without freezing, good food in season, farmers’ markets, pick your own food places, enjoying time outside, being able to wear dresses and skirts, the list goes on.

I’m not really the outdoorsy type but for some reason I’ve felt seriously cooped up this winter. I can’t wait to go for walks around our neighborhood and to the nearby stores, and just go places in general without freezing and fighting for the few parking spots in lots where people have no idea how to plow snow. I swear half the lots around here have entire rows where the plow trucks were just like “Yep, just dump it over here and we’ll never touch it again. They can have the spaces back when it melts.” I’m also looking forward to being able to drive around and not risk my life because I can’t see around a corner because of snow piles. Have I mentioned I hate snow yet? I’m not sure.

I have so much to look forward to soon. In April I’ll be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo and hopefully I can get some serious work done. I’m getting a new computer mouse shipped to me because this one is driving me nuts and double clicking all over the place. Then around Easter I get to see the boyfriend’s family, and my cousin I haven’t seen since her wedding in like 2012. Very excited to meet her baby.

That’s about it I guess. Here are five more random facts about me:

1. My favorite wild animals are giraffes and sea otters. Not river otters, there’s a big difference.

2. I say I hate a lot of some music that is popular but I’ll be there singing it anyway because it’s catchy. But the one album I can’t stand is Miranda Lambert’s Revolution. I worked at a Borders Books that played that album for months straight until the songs were permanently embedded into my brain. For the same reason, I can’t listen to the Country Strong soundtrack or Mumford and Sons. They all bring back memories of an okay job with some really terrible experiences, like closing the store.

3. I hate sweet potatoes. Really any kind of food that masquerades as dinner when it’s actually sweet.

4. I’m trying to switch to decaf coffee. Nothing is worse than the headache you get when you skip the morning caffeine.

5. I’ve met a few random famous people like Drake Bell (huge crush in high school), Sally Ride and Jerry Van Dyke (he gave me free ice cream).

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