Fashion Friday – Finding Your Style Through Pinterest

 photo pinterestbanner_zps8v4yvfjt.png

If you’re anything like me, you go on pinning sprees. You browse and pin everything you like and suddenly you have thousands of pins. My generic ‘Style Inspiration’ board had over 1,000 pins, probably closing in on 2,000. I got overwhelmed when I’d browse it for ideas. So I decided to clean it up.

This might be a huge task depending on how much time you have and just the sheer number of pins, but I promise this project will help you define what it is you actually like.

First, I made a few extra, more specific boards like Dresses, Skirts and Pants, and one for Spring and Summer Style. Then I went through my Style board and moved everything that fell into those categories to those boards. Pinterest has made this way easier with the ‘Move Pins’ button. Now you can check off and move up to 50 pins at once. For my own boards and style, I kept all pins with jeans on the style board, but all outfits with colored pants or some unique kind of pants that were the center of the style went to the ‘Pants’ board.

Then, and this is the time-consuming or fun part, depending on what you like to do, I went through every pin and typed what was in the picture. I’ve now started doing this every time I pin something. If it’s an outfit pin, I’d type something like ‘Jeans, white t shirt, blue accessories’ instead of the generic ‘cute’ caption. By going through my pins, I also eliminated all the pesky duplicate pins I found. I swear this pin was on my board in at least four different places.


It was time consuming, but by the time you’re done, you realize what kind of pieces and colors you gravitate towards. I know I typed ‘jeans’ ‘white’ ‘gray’ ‘t shirt’ ‘sweater’ and ‘aqua’ a lot.

Here is a small slice of what my board looks like now.

 photo pinterest board_zps3nsxhmiy.pngI see a lot of gray and aqua/turquoise/mint, plus a little bit of yellow. In theory I could type ‘gray t shirt’ into the search bar, search only my pins, and get a page full of outfits containing it. It does work, it just doesn’t seem to return every outfit with a gray t shirt from my pins.

It’s a long process, but you end up with a smaller board full of things you love, and a shopping list for when you want to overhaul your wardrobe. I haven’t tackled my other style boards yet, but I have a great place to start whenever I have money for new clothes. I also pared down the board from almost 2,000 pins to just over 700. It takes a lot less time to scroll down to the bottom now too.

If you click ‘More Photos’ on my sidebar —> it will take you to my Pinterest page.

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