Thursday Thoughts – March 19

Wow, I’ve had this blog for more than a week now. And I’ve created a post every weekday so far. Still not sure about Thursday posts, or Monday for that matter, but nothing wrong with writing down what’s going on at the moment I guess.

I am a terrible procrastinator. Well, terrible as in I’m really good at procrastinating. But I’m really bad about procrastinating instead of doing work. I’m writing this blog post instead of doing my work, which is due on Sunday. But on the plus side, I finished one small job at least.

I’m also procrastinating doing my meal plan for the week. Sometimes it comes so naturally and sometimes it’s serious torture. There is nothing good on sale this week. Of course, if I wanted to buy processed frozen food, I could get some good deals on those. But really, that’s way more expensive in the long run, and definitely not as fun. We’ll probably go to Costco and load up on stuff there.

I have to go to the dentist soon. I think my wisdom teeth are coming in badly. It’s such amazing timing too because the boyfriend is getting his out next month. We’ll possibly both be in pain and miserable next month, yay.

Here’s five more things about me:

1. I consider myself a gamer, but the casual type. I like to play Skyrim and run around as a badass female warrior with a two handed sword, but other than that, I’m more of a Sims player. Plus I love games where I can run my own business, but I’ve learned that I probably shouldn’t actually run my own business.

2. I love arts and crafts but I’m not particularly good at any one thing. I like to try everything. I’ve done drawing, oil painting, knitting, crocheting, latch hooking (is that what you would call it?), sewing and jewelry making, plus a dozen more things. If I can find my old sewing machine at my parents’ I’d like to get into altering clothes a bit, because of my next bit of info:

3. I’m very short, 5 feet and 1/4 inch. It makes buying anything with length difficult. I haven’t been able to wear a maxi skirt or dress since I got into adult sizes and I’m limited to buying pants at places that sell short lengths.

4. People would say I’m a picky eater, but I’m the first one that would try most odd foods. I’ve tried octopus and eel, I was offered Vegemite once and jumped at the chance to try it. I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting.

5. I don’t eat beef but it’s not because of animal rights reasons. I just don’t like it and avoiding red meat isn’t exactly bad for you. That said, animal cruelty is something I definitely don’t support if I can help it.

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