What I Read Wednesday – Written in My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon

Every Wednesday, I will post a review of a book I’ve read recently. Maybe this will encourage me to get through my huge ‘to read’ pile faster.

Written in My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon

I received Written in My Own Heart’s Blood for Christmas and it took me a month or two to get through, just because it’s so dense. As a long-time fan of Outlander, it was a great read. It got bogged down in some parts, war scenes and such, but it always returned to amazing scenes with amazing characters that we all read these books for.

Jamie and Claire get over their little ‘misunderstanding’ from the end of the last book and get down to the business of surviving the Revolutionary War and keeping track of all the family members they’ve adopted. It’s kind of hard to write about this book unless those reading are familiar with the series.

This book leaves you feeling both hopeful and sad as not all of our favorite characters make it and the rest get a nice, peaceful ending that you know won’t last long beyond the beginning of the next book.

If you’ve never read the Outlander series, now is the time to start. The second half of the first season of the amazing TV show starts soon, and you’ll have some time to catch up on the books before the next book comes out in a few years.

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