Tasty Tuesday – Chicken Stock


I just started this blog today, so I didn’t have a post prepared. But this is food, so it will do this week. I’m a big fan of eating healthy and homemade, so I make my own chicken stock to cook with.

It’s so easy to make too, it doesn’t even involve cooking! I use a slow cooker so I can just set it and leave it overnight and I never have to touch it.

Take some chicken bones, if you buy a rotisserie chicken, you can use what’s left of that. Throw them in the slow cooker (or a big pot) and pour water over it. I fill it basically to the top, your mileage may vary if you’re cooking it on the stove. Then, you can add anything you like, such as vegetable scraps or seasonings. I like to keep it plain, so I just add some bay leaves.

Then you leave it alone. In a slow cooker, you don’t even have to stir it. Leave it on low overnight, 8-12 hours, and in the morning you have soup! Take out the big bits of chicken and strain it into jars. You’re done!

P.S. I’m going to apologize in advance for all pictures posted to this blog. I am not a photographer and am constantly losing any camera I own. I do my best with a phone camera.

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